Two Kinds of Classic Watches

Classic watches are one of the loveliest kinds of watches offered to consumers. They are usually classified after developing in a particular time. They are classified according to the particular milestone and period of time it was produced and developed. There are pieces made to be gender-specific, either for ladies or men only.
There are two basic kinds of classic watches. These are the wristwatches and the pocket watches. These watches were made during dissimilar times.


The wristwatches were created after the original idea of the pocket watches. It is worn on the wrist held in straps or other forms of brace. Straps could be leather or metals. But these were also considered to have classic characteristics. These may be classic because they are traditional but are also considered classic because of their ability to show the best points of technology, style and mechanics from a specific brand or developer. In addition, this kind of watch may also be divided in twain.

Pocket Watches

The pocket watches were made long before wristwatches were created. As the name implies, it means the device is placed in your pockets. It is retrieved at any time the user wants to look at the time. Several people treat their pocket watches classic all on their own reason because of the date of its makeup. However, other people believe that these are not just classic for the fact that these were made long time ago but more so because these are symbols of unending style and sophistication.

Vintage Classic Watch

All watches are created to basically tell the time. But vintage watches are procured to serve more as an investment above anything else. These are pieces of maybe fifty to a hundred years old already. It is kept for sentimentality reasons, and because its price goes up further with the passage of time. It all the more becomes vintage when the specific model is stopped production already. It makes your find more valuable and rare.

These pieces are just mostly put for display. It is not used as much as other watches because it has become fragile mainly because of its age. The repairs may be costly especially if it is out of production already. The spare parts will be more difficult to find.

It is often passed on from generation to generation, raising its value in the process. You could find these pieces in auction sites used to raise money for charitable events. Some celebrities and other personalities also put up vintage pieces for sale.

Vintage pieces could be both a wristwatch or pocket watch. Many people say that these are more durable and made of sturdier materials like platinum, gold, rubies and diamonds.

Developers of Classic Watches

Vacheron Constantin, Patek Philippe, Cartier, Audemars Piguet, Movado, Omega, Hamilton, IWC the International Watch Company, Longines and Elgin are few of the most known developers of classic watches. These are more expensive because of their good quality items. The time setting is very accurate up to the millisecond.

Finally, the people who are fond of collecting classic watches should know how to take care of them. These classic watches are really part of someone's treasure if ever. Make sure also they are kept safely in your house because these are like your other pieces of jewelry that robbers would like to take away from you.

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By David Urmann and Wasim Ahmad

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