Movado Men's sports watches definitely considers anyone who will be wearing a Movado watch outside, whether they are a sportsman or not. For over 125 years, Movado has been producing quality watches and timepieces. Established by Achilles Ditesheim in 1881, this Swiss brand uses the Esperanto word for movement as its name, a name that has traveled very far indeed. Currently, Movado has developed its image to match one of its most renowned collections, the Museum. Two other series of timepieces, the Series 800 and the Junior Sport, both take on features very similar to those of the Museum.

Patek Philippe-World's Most Expensive Watches

Watch collecting may be one of the most expensive hobbies in the world, but it's also one of the most rewarding. Many antique timepieces are a testament to the brilliance of early and modern innovators. Vacherin Constantin's Tour de l'Ile - $1...

Breitling Watches

As everyone knows that breitling mens watches are one of the most popular and luxurious watch brands worldwide . Breitling watches are fairly well known for their excellent and excellent quality as well as long practice of quality timepieces.

Some Tips When Buying a Cartier Or Any Luxury Watch

If you are looking for a Cartier Roadster watch, be ready to pony up some big money because they go for thousands of dollars, around $4,000 to be more precise. The top 4 best selling watches on Amazon were:

TAG Heuer Indy 500

Are you shopping for a TAG Heuer Formula 1 Indy 500? I was doing the same thing 4 months ago until wife surprised me with one on my birthday! As an enthusiastic watch collector, I was in a total state of disbelief. Of all the watchmakers out there making automotive-inspired timepieces, TAG Heuer is arguably the leader.  They have been endorsed by some of racing's biggest names and continues to produce, what many consider, some of the most lust-worthy yet attainable driver's watches.

Helpful Tips For Purchasing a Rolex Watch

This article contains helpful tips for purchasing a Rolex watch. Including what you should look out for in order to ensure you get a genuine Rolex timepiece. Also, tips on how often you should get the watch serviced.

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