Helpful Tips For Purchasing a Rolex Watch

This article contains helpful tips for purchasing a Rolex watch. Including what you should look out for in order to ensure you get a genuine Rolex timepiece. Also, tips on how often you should get the watch serviced.

Amongst watch enthusiasts, Rolex watches are second to only Patek Philippe. When purchasing a Rolex watch make sure you purchase it from an authorized Rolex dealer. You should be able to find an authorized dealer in your area by contacting Rolex or most jewelry/watch stores will have the crown emblem displayed somewhere on their storefront. At the time of purchasing your watch you should also be given papers certifying the watch is indeed a genuine Rolex as well as an original box to store your watch. If you are really set on buying the watch privately make sure you bring the watch to a qualified watchmaker to inspect the timepiece before you pay for it. Purchasing high end watches online can be risky depending on the source, extreme caution is highly recommended.

Rolex watches are so popular that even the imitation market is huge, quite possibly the largest market for replicas of any specific watch company. It is important to note that there are many differences in qualities of imitations for Rolex watches, a ten dollar imitation or a two hundred dollar imitation. These imitation watches can be very convincing to a person not familiar with handling genuine Rolex watches on a regular basis. A common way to distinguish if the watch is an imitation is by feeling the weight and taking a close up look at the details of the watch, but on a high end imitation this could be difficult. The only true way to tell an imitation is by opening the back of the watch and taking a look at the movement. However, if performed by an inexperienced watchmaker the internals of the watch can be damaged.

Popular Rolex watch models include:

Exporer II

Rolex does recommend a service of the watches internal mechanism after five years. Rolex watches should be worked on by Rolex certified watch technicians and parts replaced with only genuine parts in order to hold maximum value. Clean My Watch specializes in   Rolex watch repair and pocket watch repair, all work is performed by certified watch technicians.

Michael Taus is a repeat customer of Clean My Watch and highly recommends them for watch repair.

By Michael R Taus
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