Reasons to Spend More On Your Next Watch

Some people say that a watch is just a watch and all you need it to do is tell time. They think, "Why should I spend hundreds of dollars on a fancy watch when I can just buy a basic watch for less than $20?" Many individuals have less forgiving budgets and feel that it would be a waste to purchase an expensive name brand timepiece. The value of a watch depends on the person, and while there are many who would not like to spend a great deal of money on watches, other people see the value in it. Why buy an expensive watch?
One reason to buy a more pricy watch is to add to your work attire. People with busy work schedules, deadlines and meetings need to keep good track of time. Corporate jobs often require business professional attire, and sometimes basic watches just don't look appropriate with that polished type of look. A more expensive watch may not only look nice with business clothes, but many higher quality watches have special features such as multiple alarms, databanks, calculators and world time that come in handy to the busy professional.

Another reason to purchase finer quality watches is for special occasions. When you dress up for holiday dinners, celebrate an anniversary with an expensive night out, or go to the opera, a basic watch isn't appropriate. Evening gowns, tuxedoes and other formal clothing go well with gold, silver, and jewel accessories. Rather than spend on jewelry that is simply fashionable, why not have a fancy watch that is both fashionable and functional?

Top of the line watches also make for very lovely gifts. Birthdays, Mother's Day, Father's Day, Christmas or Chanukah, are all times when the gifts of a really nice watch might be appropriate. Simple basic watches are nice as well, but a really thoughtful top of line watch with special features that show that you had that person in mind when you picked out the watch makes it a very special gift.

Sometimes, when you spend more money on a watch it has better features and they last longer. Many more expensive brands have extra-long battery lives, are made of more durable materials, and allow you to do more than just tell time. Technology has allowed for compasses, smart alarms, and thermometers to be included as features on higher quality watches. Lower priced watches do not always have additional features, and sometimes break more easily than watches that cost a little more money.

Perhaps investing in expensive watches is not appropriate for everyone. Many people who would like to have finer quality watches cannot afford to spend a great deal of money on a luxurious watch. They may have more pressing financial obligations to attend to. Other people with more flexible budgets and a greater amount of expendable income are able to splurge on watches of a classier taste more readily than others. Investing in a good watch is not a bad idea.

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